Working Principle of Motor

Date: 2018-12-25
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Stator (stationary part)

1. Stator core - a part of the magnetic circuit of the motor, on which the stator windings are placed.

2. Stator winding, which is the circuit part of the motor, is connected to three-phase alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field.

3. Seat - Fixed stator core and front and rear end covers to support the rotor, and play the role of protection, heat dissipation, etc.

Rotor (rotating part)

1. Rotor Core - As part of the magnetic circuit of the motor, the rotor windings are placed in the core slot.

2. Rotor winding - Cutting stator rotating magnetic field produces induced electromotive force and current, and forms electromagnetic torque to rotate the motor.

Other accessories

1. End cap - supporting function.

2. Bearing - connecting the rotating part with the fixed part.

3. End cap of bearing - protective bearing.

4. Fan-cooling motor.

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