Date: 2019-01-11
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Industrial automation systems: assembly and handling systems, linear positioning systems, control systems, assembly systems, industrial image processing systems, sensors and actuators, industrial computers, embedded systems, measurement and detection systems, industrial automation data analysis and acquisition systems, automation services, industrial number automation systems, safety and security systems, industrial automation information technology Technology and Software, Industrial Information Technology Service System, Connection and Transfer Equipment, Fastening and Connection Equipment, Warehousing Equipment, Automatic Packaging System, Printing System,

Laser marking system, labeling system, automatic testing system, weighing system, measuring system, visual system, manual operation system, connection and transmission system, classification and feeding system, assembly tools, worktable accessories, 3D laser polishing and printing technology, solution consultancy service, training service, etc.

Robots: Industrial Robots, Linear Robots, Gantry Robots, Multi-DOF Robots, Parallel Robots, Coordinate Robots, Spraying Robots, Welding Robots, Machining Robots, Laser Application Robots, Packing Robots, Measuring Robots, Loading and Unloading Robots, Truss Robots, Assistant Robots, AGV, Trolley Cars, etc.

Robot system accessories and other: controller, reducer, servo system, AC motor, AC drive, teaching device, manipulator claw, welding and cutting equipment, special wires, cables, tools and fixtures, machine vision, CNC system, gear, bearing, linear guide, brake device, sensor technology, machine vision software, lens, compressed air supply parts, supply technology Technologies, software services and service providers, scientific research and technological institutions, etc.

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